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Konqueror (Ipuclari)


The knowledges which take eat the here and confront with you confront with for problematic solution most good their shortest method can not include. At the line this writing oh Linux one which has been written from her side possible. You do not try you be not or google has become comprised this possible writing, bends knowledge from the results I find if (unutkanlik) technical redder than an other official place has not become comprised (belirtirmisimdir) be perhaps.

This pity a writer other appropriate to her work (insallah) doubt yoktur and this be not certainly the nobody a thing the I am setting whole only which I did not show private diye understanding effort hepsi This. Other more unskilled than the truth she bends unskilled and big to at all an question you ask probability the I tell that (cunku) looks around the places an answer give can not give five minutes expect go.


1. This program niye slow?

The program be not slowly only front a definition the adjusters memory is becoming administrative more beautifully when do because she becomes adjustable to use. (A note few dolphin early A socket and this your literature diye dolphin you live if I write a writing back immediately the me (gormeyin) worthless and (ayiplamayin) medicine.)

2. *.I file ico, what am I feeling upset for her do I use while becoming untroubled while becoming a (klasor) symbol a symbol dimension huge pikselleri which I do I can be counting the myself not to does cry, difficult I am functioning why the bu diyorum after trains are passing steamships towards smooth halbukisi is not becoming large, which has changed her more worse variations the socket eats your last two syllables empty be for example (onceki) I operate She was becoming at your system?

The Burak The here You understand the event's if you read (hizlica) reason but to the me if you tell that necessary leaves the tale The one the here Ico dan eats png converter sees your work. You do not feel upset for her until the her besides and you gather the yourselves.

3. Her friend the I will actually become a left clear clear side I speak, if short for some common actions which have stayed at, very empty roads became very happy, towards smooth (hicbir) am not using Your things (yoklugu) at there she is sitting inner.

The you (anliyorum) and the they metabar suchlike for all (insanlik).

This list can get longer and perhaps the you want that add things. For example those be still the human being curiosity from the questions which she do:

4. Indices I am wandering around betwixt much slow for from the keyboard backspace your key (iliskilendirdim). My any problems be not (ucbirim) (emulasyonunu) ever since until you do not have a question if I do not write the instructions wrongly but do defective to sil (goreyim) backspace I am pack E and which become She is becoming and I want (ucbirim) (emulasyonu) she backspace only do you instead of bring your brimful duty to other suspicion does (karismasin) become?

5. Tacit at the detailed aspect, some their symbol (bazilarininki) tiny you become huge to the soot I want the everybody become yani like and the nobody kimseden etkilenmesin since her next answer Does she sharpen?

Health MaidiS handmade A food saati 20:01

Cakes Gnu/linux

* Daily (40)
* Entertainment (31)
* Internet (29)
* (Fotograf) (17)
* Gnu/linux (12)
* A computer (11)
* Depression (11)
* Literature (11)
* Music (11)
* Short (10)
* A game (6)
* A dictionary (4)
* A television (4)
* Electronic (3)
* A newspaper (3)
* You do not program (3)
* Religion (2)
* Philosophy (1)

Who the kim who ahhh

You are mentioned (ozbek)
Istanbul and Turkey

Films whole

The history's iced pages

Similar and same files
Mizz does not draw
A second book rough draft
Program explanations
A poem (kitabi)(m

This blog The reader That (Hasir) with the rules a publication.

Addicted sly materialistic



As long as the I laugh
Sidewalks walk
More excited than the humans
Umbrellas transfer to the warm climates
(Ucurtmalar) birbirini passes 100m at the handicapped
Cookies get hungry
The breakfast do


As long as the I laugh
Boys eat sugar
(Dusleri) does not decay
Never she does not become large
Toys play with the boys
Batteries do not finish at all

As long as the I laugh
Letters get registered foreign
Songs are composed to nature
An artist (mutluluklarin) official
She draws she draws she can not finish
(opucuge) the Sair scatters your book


(My second book's which impossible becomes this with the departure rough draft has not finished and finish, Alive actually a secondary mouse key your question similarly different registers an alternative will help if you live



Write (sinirsizca), before think kelimeleri and before setting up the sentences. What does tell before do, are wanting things. Before caring about spelling rules and (virgulden)(1) dotted be later big or harfle small start. Annex whole while becoming apart sometimes sometimes or (yi). Draw the last than our head ideas (fotograf) benzercesine to her machine. Write the things which We hid even sometimes. Other so that she reads be perhaps to meet. (Yasadiklarimi) and a dream ettiklerimi (sacmaliklarimi).

Remember the memories which have finished while working while forgetting her next doubt,. Betwixt write a beautiful thing and her ideas why I be writing weave a shuttle. Writes not to does forget and love. Sometimes with my lead like castle, she does not become with my castle sometimes but she slides if We want kelimelerin (kagitta) and use to her pencil gerek. Extravagance edercesine must write (kagitlari) and (karsiniza) at the place en which did not become wish sometimes at the computer sometimes your father who goes to her while listening to at her old typewriter and to embrace the pencil be repeatedly (hicbir) she did not zevki same The repeat understands harflerle to et.

The food do like the various, be from for example some her this from some and little bit the bare lie, wanders the need does not want your truth makes many myths turbid your flavor will not break.

From the you while reading (onceki) while getting some draw your own line while working. Sometimes there be a line, sometimes in the week the page must write a page. Exaggerated the acceptance limits edilebilir in she must get excited like a boy. Our very sad ideas (kagida) (aktarirken) not can catch and slow must stay at.

She will write as long as she gets, mutluyken must write and nets must write the separateness poem.


(Two points should have become 1) the here but the dotted comma fit the here more much from the her


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