Google Çeviri Türkçe Öğrenmiş

Az önce FM'de gördüm, gecikmiş olduğunu düşünsem de hiç olmamasından iyidir desteklenen diller arasında Türkçe'nin de olması. Şu anda kalitesini test etmek için zamanım olmadığım için önceki çeviri uygulamalarına göre kıyaslama yapmakla yetindim. Şiirimi çevirmekte sınıfta kaldı Google Çeviri:

Şiirin aslı burada,
Önceki çeviri burada,
Google Çeviri'nin çalışması ise aşağıdaki gibi:

A Gülüş

Conversely, I laugh as the world turns
The Milky Way is small wonder that I enjoy
The sun is melting the inner part of
Will be warm everywhere
Soil is ticklish feet
The tree also my wife
Animals around the toplaş my
Cheers crazy

As I rose
Pavement is also conducted
Browse more exciting
Umbrellas hot climate of Göçer
Pass each other on to the 100m fly with Disabilities
Cookies are hungry
Breakfast is

As I rose
Soldiers will demobilize
Without pressing the mine
War does not start
Politicians will only love
The top of the tank
Music starts

As I rose
Children sugar availability
Düşleri incorruptible
He does not grow
Toys that play with children
Battery does not ever end

As I rose
Letters are written to foreigners
Songs are composed to nature
Painter of the picture of happiness
Draws Draws can not finish
Distribute the book to the poet a kiss

As I rose
Clouds do not cry
Only joy, tears
Heavens will not ever get angry
Fish swimming teaches people
Birds in flight

I laughed as I laughed
Unlike the world turns
To a more muted.

(unfinished, and it was impossible to finish this round with the second draft of my book, right (more exactly, the secondary mouse button) by clicking the option problem you're having such a goal will help save different)

Bu da düz yazı:


Write to illimitably, without thinking the words, sentences without installing. Without a hint at things, what we mean. Without care of spelling rules, the comma (1) the upper or lower case to start. Sometimes separately, sometimes combined or re-added to the sentence. Head to our camera is similar to the ideas depicted ago. But sometimes we hide things from ourselves, even to me. Not for someone else to read, perhaps to confront ourselves. Yaşadıklarımı, imagine what, my bullshit.Forget the worries of the future, try to remember the past memories. Something nice to me and why I am writing in between thoughts. To not forget to write, to love. Sometimes the pencil, but sometimes you can write with pen from slipping of the words on paper, is necessary to use a pen. Will be a waste of paper as you need to write, sometimes on the computer, sometimes in the most unexpected places you in the father's old typewriter keys out of the pen tıkırdıları to listen and to hug again, none to give the same pleasure again to understand and dance to the letter.

Kind of like cooking for example, that a little bit of him, lie bare, bare, but the real taste of full stomach is more than enough to disrupt willynilly.

Read before you, a little interest in their work to draw your lines. Sometimes a line in a week, sometimes I need to write sheet. Within acceptable limits flatulent-to-gush like a child. Our thoughts are transferred to paper El grow, remain slow.

Should you bored me happy and cry when I need to write to me the most poignant poetry of separation.

Hayırlı olsun.


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